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With twenty-nine certified Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioners since it's inception in 2013 and International Students in 28 Countries since the 100% online studies began in 2018, the Canine Bowen Institute has received rave reviews across the globe.

The Canine Bowen Institute offers 2 paths of learning:

1. Full Practitioner Studies

2. Family Learning Response5

Both paths ensure a neurological solution (the missing link) to Animal Health Care. 

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The Canine Bowen Institute is incredibly proud to meet the high standards and approval of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork as a Preferred Educational Provider.
You are ensured of a high quality in depth learning experience.
The Canine Bowen Institute goes above and beyond to excel in Student success.

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Student Course Feedback

The Animal Bowen Therapy (ABT) course was wonderful!

The explanations were very clear and easy to follow. The videos provided a great visual on how to apply the techniques.I felt the course content to be very thorough in all aspects. 

Debi is extremely knowledgable and has a gift for teaching in a clear, concise and calm manner. The Animal Bowen Therapy techniques were highly effective in all my case studies.

I particularly enjoyed the Canine Specialty Moves portion of the course. It is very rewarding to be able to release tension in the muscle and fascia to help correct postural deficits caused by sources other than conformation. When conformation is less than ideal, accumulated tension will eventually spiral throughout the body; ABT makes a world of difference in this situation too, helping to prevent tightness and weaknesses before problems occur. When muscles are contracted they do not have power, therefore they become weak. As other muscles begin to compensate, this can eventually lead to postural deficits, weakness in the front or hind end of the animal and often decrease in core strength. Ultimately this spiralling effect can lead to soreness, lamenesses and other health issues. ABT is effective in restoring muscle symmetry and promoting fascial health. The animals love it! 

Thank you Debi for making your knowledge available to all of us around the world. 

Leslie A. Kennedy Dynamic Bodywurks Canada Fergus, On Canada

Animal Bowen Therapy Level 1 Summary of Experience ~ Leslie Kennedy June 2020

 The Animal Bowen Therapy Level 1 course was very informative and well put together. The videos and instructions were very clear. 

Even though I did not contact my instructor I know Debi was just an email or phone call away if I had needed to contact her. From past experience I know she would answer almost immediately. 

Response 15 was very interesting and added another depth of dimension to build upon Response 5. The animals I worked with, two dogs, a horse, and a premature bull calf totally enjoyed their sessions. 

All showed great releases during the ABT therapy. Although I am a Certified Master Method Practitioner (MMCP) for horses, it was educational to apply Bowen techniques to the horse which proved to be very successful. 

My most interesting and rewarding case was the premature Angus Bull Calf. Against all odds little Hill Top Jack Spratt survived and is thriving! I believe the Response 5 Step 1 technique was critical in kick starting Jack’s system considering it “address all systems and cells of the body”. Movement #11 of the Response 15 techniques was especially beneficial to improving Jack’s front end weakness. In my opinion it was the second most critical technique that helped Jack along his fight for life.

Level 1 Graduate ~ Cathy Slaney April 2020

The most intriguing case study was Titan, the German Shepherd with the Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) that is found in many fast-growing large and giant breeds of dogs. The vet does not feel that he is in any pain or that it will cause any significant issues in the future. However he was supportive of my efforts to address the deformation and agreed that the braces were improving his posture even if only when wearing them. I intend to persevere with Titan and work towards improving his condition.

 I must applaud the high quality of the program and the successful development of useful and effective modes of delivery - excellent videos and learning materials as well as practical assignments to support the learning process. The case studies were practical and provided an opportunity to experiment with various species and develop a personal routine and mode of the practice. 

So thank you Debi for your attentive efforts to ensure that all the necessary tools and information were available for an efficient learning process and positive experience. I appreciate your quick response to any questions I might have had and the prompt feedback to the submission of Response 5. I intend to immediately carry on into the next level as I am eager to address new issues in other dogs I have lined up. Looking forward to the next steps.


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Elin Langron ~ Estonia 

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner June 2019

Initially I was a bit sceptical about Bowen on-line course. But after the first video training in Responses 5 all my doubts were gone and I admired the thought and professionalism that had gone into preparing the materials and videos. 

The structure of the Responses 5 and the subsequent Levels maintains the high standard of valuable information and is logical and easy to follow. Level 2 builds easily and well to the earlier stages of learning. Training videos are clearly presented and well demonstrated and manuals extremely helpful. 

After completion of the Responses and the Levels 1,2 it is amazing just how much I have learned in these courses. Not only the moves but the background of various breeds, most commonly occurring diseases, behaviour, anatomy especially bone and muscle structure. The practise sessions showed how different the dogs even of the same breed can feel when doing the hands-on assessment. 

Sometimes the results surprised me – health problems of various nature (incontinence, behaviour, bladder and large intestine problems) improved. Mobility problems almost always also got better. But of course, I realize not one therapy is 100% successful. 

So, thank you, Debi, for this wonderful opportunity to learn.

Sherri Hedges~Australia

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner April 2020

...they say if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. That's my goal, to help as many dogs as I can. 

Debi is a fabulous mentor and instructor. I can be a  bit of a loner when it comes to learning new things. But Debi has been at the end of an email whenever I reached out. 

My friend and fellow Bowen Therapist, Stacey, who introduced me to this incredible field, by treating my own arthritic dog,has been a world of support.

Florence Giliberti~Greece

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner April 2020

Ever since I learned Human Bowen Technique in 2004, I always had in mind also learning the technique for animals...I wanted the tool and of course the certification to be able to provide help to these little creatures I love so much...

...I know that this technique will never stop amazing me, especially on animals, who are the best receptors of alternative therapies...I'm happy and proud to be the first certified Animal Bowen Practitioner (in Greece) and so excited and eager to provide better health to my furry clients!
The technique works wonders on almost everything and has a holistic approach to balancing the whole body... 
Once again, thank you Mr Tom Bowen and of course, thank YOU Debi!!

Francine Paradis~Canada

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner May 2019

Debi I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work and effort in making Canine Bowen a reality.

When I was taking the Human Bowen course I kept looking as to where I can take the Canine Bowen course and by the grace of God I found you. 
I enjoy treating people with Bowen but I have to say that I love treating dogs with Bowen. The instant results are so amazing, especially when the owner of the dog comments on the improvement on their own with no encouragement from me. 

The gratefulness and joy that I get when I see and know that I have helped a dog is beyond anything that I can express in words.  

Especially when you know that the owners were contemplating to have to make that awful decision and to find out that Bowen has given them extra quality time with their dog for a longer period.  Such as Zeus, it is now 2 1/2 months that we started the Bowen treatment on Zeus and he is still going strong, happy and moving around quite well on his own.  Bowen literally saved  Zeus' life.  

I can't wait to start my journey with canine Bowen knowing that I can make a small difference in a dog's life.

I am so excited, all of this would not be possible without your hard work in creating a wonderful course.  
Thank you so much for your guidance and for just being there.


Joan McCarthy ~ Canada Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner May 2019

Bowen Therapy has been a dream come true, not only for me but for the dogs I have helped! It is hard to believe that such simple moves can make such a difference. 

I am forever grateful to Debi for offering this course and the support she provides. I did the online version and love the opportunity that I can look back and review the moves. I have learned so much and really enjoyed the assignments. Debi has been available for guidance and support at all times.

I feel quite overwhelmed with the success I have had. It is truly an honour to work with animals and see their quality of life improve so quickly. 

I really liked Debi’s videos and that she places a lot of emphasis on respecting the animal you are working with. This is so important and carries so much weight in understanding the needs of the animals. 

This course is definitely provided by someone who believes in her work! Her enthusiasm is contagious! I hope others will engage in this therapy. If you are considering taking this course, I highly recommend it if your true desire is to help animals live the best life possible. You will not regret it!!

Joan McCarthy

Marco Gilberti ~ Italy

Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner July 2019

I love Animal Bowen Therapy, and animals love it too!

Animal Bowen Therapy is a ‘light-touch’ therapy offering animals a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing. 

When I treat animals with this therapy,I feel comfortable giving something unique and special, which will always brings the animal into a self-healing state.

It's wonderful to see how the power of the body can heal itself.
best regards
Marco Gilberti

Rachel Johnson ~ Ontario Canada 

Level 1 Completion:

My favourite case study was both Maggie and Kali. They both had great results and I felt successful throughout the process and that after each session I saw the difference I was making. Through out the course I learned how important it is to take notes before sessions. If I were to fix anything it would be to have taken more photos and included more videos. As well as more notes before sessions and my observations. I felt my relationship with my instructor was very positive and I felt very supported through out the whole process. As when I had any questions Debi was very prompt at replying and helping me along the way.

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Joan ~ Canada
I have thoroughly enjoyed level 1 Whole Body Balance. I feel I have learned so much from researching the different animals, and how Bowen Therapy can benefit so many. I was skeptic and yet so hopeful in the beginning. I am glad I pursued this course, because it has brought me so much satisfaction in helping animals live the best life available to them. I am feeling more confident working with animals and seeing the difference it makes in their overall well-being. I am quite happy to have Debi available to answer questions, as needed. The online videos and information are so helpful, as I can keep reviewing this until I feel I’ve ‘got it’. It feels so good to be helping alleviate suffering in so many pets. I love the hands on treatment as I am a firm believer in the healing that comes from touch. The Bowen moves are so gentle but provide dramatic results! I will be forever grateful to all those who allowed me to work with their beloved pets and instilled their trust in me. I love working with animals as they appreciate that you are trying to help them. A beautiful lick at the end of the therapy reassures me that they feel the love and care being provided. Thank you Debi Famelos, for this wonderful course and the new opportunities to support so many pets and families. 
Francine ~ Canada
I must compliment you on your course.
It is well organized, and I have to say it is very detailed!
Congrats to you for your hard work and I'm so glad we connected.
I enjoyed the course immensely and look forward to working with the dogs in the future in helping them have a more fulfilled life and in turn giving their owners more time to enjoy their furry companions.

Marco ~ Italy

Animal Bowen Therapy is amazing! I have seen results in such a short time and I'm always pleasantly surprised with all improvements, in every area of the animal, emotional and physical.
The videos were made with great attention to detail, in fact I always have the feeling of clear understanding with every movement

The course fully satisfies me 100%

Elin ~ Estonia

Your study videos are so clear and it is easy to learn. I have been watching them over and over again.
Thank you so much for this learning opportunity.

Florence ~ Greece
As you imagine my experience has been incredible! It's really amazing to see such difference with so little done...but then again, this is Bowen!! I have met some wonderful people and love working with the dogs who really seem to enjoy it! What also amazes me a lot is,apart from the, so far, mechanical benefits of the technique, the way the dogs change expressions, look happier, calmer and sometimes even younger...I can't explain it though since you can tell they hurt less...
I've been wanting to learn Bowen for animals ever since I finished the human course in 2004, so you can imagine how happy I am to be able to do that now! Planning to be the first certified Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner in Greece and thanks to you, I'm on my way!!

...More Animal Bowen Therapy Class Summaries 




















Nahleen Ashton ~ Nova Scotia

As someone who has worked with dogs in a variety of ways over the last 15 years I was initially somewhat apprehensive to take the course and apply a completely different aspect to the animals that I have become so passionate about. The first online course left me intrigued and although a little hesitant with the moves, I found that my canine friends were more then happy to oblige with the sessions. After our weekend course my confidence improved and I could see a difference reflected in the dogs that I worked with. I could see improvements in not only mobility but also general well being in the dogs and cats that I was seeing. I slowly became more self assured with the moves, the pressure and positioning.

Our second level opened up a whole new outlook towards the body and nervous system connection and re-enforced the benefits of Bowen even more. The moves were a little more intense and it took me some time to really feel the rhythm of some of the front end and neck steps. Working in a group environment guided by Debi helped immensely getting the feedback and comments of the other students facilitated the overview of each new step and how it applied to the specific issues that may come up in a session.

Throughout the classes and online courses, videos and worksheets my backup and support was always the dogs and cats that I had the pleasure of working with. Each one with his/her own issues and progress, they instilled just how much this gentle touch can potentially help to improve their daily lives.

I don't like to choose favourites but I think I was most impressed with Charlotte's progression. A senior Lab who was in foster care and could barely move when she was first rescued. Over the weeks, my visits to her and our sessions became not only easier (because she couldn't wait to be touched after her first session) but also instilled the obvious healing power of Canine Bowen by her obvious mobility improvements and increasingly upbeat character. By the end of our case study together Charlotte had jumped up into the car!!! Something that none of us had ever thought possible. NOTE: Since then Charlotte has been adopted :)

I can say that I am very fortunate and grateful to have completed this course and to be able to share the knowledge and passion in the future.

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"I knew I wanted to work with animals. But I had no idea that this course, taught by Debi Famelos, would be so life changing!

I encourage you to explore Debi's Private Practice. It's full of great information,videos and testimonials"  ~ Karen


Response5 is designed for EVERYONE whose simple desire is to restore their dogs mobility and health.

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