Next Specialized Moves Level 2 Practitioner

June 2015

Saturday 6th. Sunday 7th.

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 Well on your way to becoming a Canine/Small Animal Bowen Practitioner!

8 Specialized Moves to further enhance the Whole Body Balance

This is a 2 day course 



Day 1

Welcome Back

  • Findings of our Case Studies from Level 1
  • Hands-on review of all 15 Moves from Whole Body Balance
  • A deeper look into each of the 15 Moves ~ the muscles ~ the nerves ~ the conditions they address
  • Adding to our assessment tools
  • The first 3 Specialized Moves

 Day 2

  • The next 5 Specialized Moves
  • Assessment tests for the 8 Specialized Moves
  • When to use these Moves
  • Getting the most out of each Animal Bowen Physiotherapy session
  • Creating Band-Aid Sessions
  • A look into the Feline world of Animal Bowen Physiotherapy
  • Your next 5 Case Studies
  • Home studies